Journey to Woo Woo Land is a brilliant book – I heartily recommend it.

When I bought it, I’d had a terrible year – a work load that was making me ill, and 4 bereavements.

I was feeling miserable, ill and uninspired – which is not like me at all – and I knew I had to do something to get my mojo back and believe in life again. When it arrived, I was slightly nervous that I’d become too much of a cynic to enjoy reading about an alternative way of looking at the world, but thanks to Nicki’s writing style, and warm, approachable way of explaining things – I felt more positive immediately.

I read it back to back twice, and now dip in and out whenever I need a boost.

I think everyone should give it a go, and I hope Nicki has a follow up planned. I’ll be the first to buy it

– Louise Hulland